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What's carbon fiber ?

Carbon fiber are extremely strong and light fiber-reinfoced plastics that contain carbon fibers which is also known as carbon fiber reinforced polymers,carbon fiber reinforced plastics,carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRP,CRP,CFRTP) or carbon fiber composites.Carbon fiber products are widely used wherever need high strength to weight ratio and stiffness parts,such as all kind of drones,automotive parts,sporting equipments,or luxury consumer and technical products.

The binding polymer is often a thermoset resin such as epoxy, but other thermoset or thermoplastic polymers, such as polyester, vinyl ester, or nylon, are sometimes used. The properties of the final CFRP product can be affected by the type of additives introduced to the binding matrix (resin).

Manufacturing methods

  • Molding

  • Vacuum bagging

  • Compression molding

  • Filament winding


  • carbon fiber sheet

  • carbon fiber tubes

  • carbon fiber rods

  • custom made carbon fiber parts

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